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Accounting book keeping through cloud technology anywhere, anytime.

About Us

We are experied accounting software services provider, working since last 10 year in the field information technology.

Cloud Computing is based on cloud computing technology. Software is hosted on our private server, that is managed by our expert engineers.

Our cloud server is configured by various safety standards. is availble 24x7.

Any one who know few basic about accounting can work and maintain all financial records.

  • Complete Accounting Software
  • Online Audit Facility
  • Easy Accounting Solution

User has to entry only voucher details and opening balances, all reports needs to be maintained are prepared by software; no any additional work is required.

Our Services follows Indian Accounting Standards and provides best accouting services suitable for all kinds of institutes.

Cloud Computing

Online software allows clients to work from anywehere, anytime. Cloud computing saves efforts on individual's technical support need.

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Data Safety

All data is store on companies private server throught safe communication channel and managed by best data engineers.

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Analytical Reporting is designed with different types of analytical reports for analysing organizations progress.

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24x7 Service

Our cloud server is available all the time.

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Technical Support

Our experienced technical support team is dedicated for customer support. Customer support is available through remote connection.

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Data Backup

Out team of data engineers takes care of data backup; user's also can take backup in excel format.

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Screen shots of

  • All
  • Voucher
  • Account List
  • Reconciliation
  • Reports
  • Other


Summary information of organization's accounting process.

Voucher Entry

Transaction details to be entered here.

Account List

List of accounts created, accounts can be managed here.

Bank Reconciliation

Uncleared banking transaction will be listed in reconcilation statement.

Encash Cheque

After clearing cheque, encashing will remove it from reconciliation.


Daybook report shows all transactions of the day.

View Voucher

The detailed view of a particular voucher.

Create Account

Create a new account with details


The ledger report is a statement of particlar account.

Party Details

Party's personal details, payment to be made in favour of this parties.

Financial Year

Create/lock financial year. After locking year, users can't add/modify vouchers.

Share to Auditor

On completion of work, auditor can audit financial results online.

Voucher List

The list of all vouchers entered. Vouchers can be created/edited/deleted.

Set Opening Balance

Opening balance of ledger is to be set only once.

Receipt & Payment

A report of receipts and payments of particular period

Trail Balance

A report of receipts and payments of particular period with opening and closing balances.

Profit Or Loss

A report of income and expenses of particular period

Balance Sheet

A report of balances of particular period

User Management

Client can create multiple users as per their need.


Best affordable prices.

Basic Plan


  • Voucher Entry
  • Financial Reports
  • Single User
  • Single Book Keeping
  • 1 Financial Year
  • Excel Export
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Online Audit

Business Plan

41300 / year

  • Voucher Entry
  • Financial Reports
  • Anaylitical Reporting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Books Keeping
  • Unlimited Financial Year
  • Excel Export
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Online Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Out experienced technical support team is very dedicated for your help.

Any kind of institues that needs financial book keeping services can find our services best, easy to understand and user.

All kinds of services are available through online remote connection on office time. No any site visit is required.

Company is having it's own private cloud server. Data is transfered through safe communication channel and stored at safe place on our cloud server.

Data is stored on our cloud server. Out expert team takes care about data backup. Clients need not to take backup.

As software is online, it is available for on unlimited computers, mobiles, tablets or laptops for unlimited users.

Yes, Annual Maintainance Contract (AMC) is applicable. AMC covers software updates, training and technical support.


Feel free to contact us.


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